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Also, I have never dealt with a developer this responsive. I sent in a question thinking I was doing something wrong, and the developer found the problem, fixed it and sent me a preview version to try out. What service! Wish I could give it 10 stars.
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Does it support Chromecast?
Yes, Gear can stream to your Chromecast, also showing a high resolution album art of the currently played song, and the upcoming songs and previous songs so you always know what you are listening to.
Why do songs on some albums seem to appear in the wrong order, and how to fix it?
Google Play identifies songs belonging to some specific album. Rarely, it happens that some songs from the same album are categorized as belonging to different versions of the same album (like explicit, or Japanese editions), when this happens, the songs are seemingly out of order. You can fix this be enabling 'Sort by album name instead of matched album info' under Preferences.
How can I select a sound output?
You can use the sound output selector on the lower left, there you will see the available output devices, including Chromecast and AirPlay devices. You can even select multiple outputs at once - although only one AirPlay device at a time due to a technical limitation.
How can I queue songs?
You need to right click on a specific song, there you will have two relevant options. 'Play Next' plays the selected song right after when the current song is finished. 'Add to Queue' is very similar, although it will play the selected song after the other manually added songs, but before what would come after. The queue can also be reordered by dragging and dropping.
How can I make Gear scroll to the currently playing song?
Please click either on the song title on the top, or the album art on the lower left.
How can I edit song metadata from within the app?
To edit the song's artist, title, or other info, please select the song, then click again (slowly, so it is not a double click) on the specific column. This is very similar to how you would rename a file in Finder.
Why doesn't the player see the music that is already on my computer?
The player is intended to play music from the cloud, either from your Google Music or your YouTube account. If you have an existing music collection which you would like to use it with Google Music, and consequentally, Gear, please download Google Music Manager from here. If the download page complains about a missing Flash Player, just ignore the message, it is not needed in reality.


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