The Google Music and YouTube player for macOS

The desktop music player you were searching for!

Instead of carrying your precious collection taking place on your disk, put it in the cloud! Access and manage it anytime, anywhere, in a consistent way. With Gear you can also save for later offline use!

Everything about this app is essentially perfect. It supports all aspects of Google Play Music All Access. It's great to have a native app as opposed to hunting for the one browser window in which you're playing a song. Also, the developer is super-responsive.
I'm not exaggerating when I say it was like hearing a heavenly chorus after I purchased this software and gave it a spin. My music library is cohesive, comprehensible and easy to navigate again.

Perfect Playback

Gear has an Equalizer. Songs of a live album are played back gapless. You may even stream your music to AirPlay or Chromecast devices, and scrobble to All that you would expect from a native music player is here!

Chromecast support alone makes this worth the price of admission. Works really well, as does the main player. Thanks!